I’m so tired…

So awfully tired…

This latest awful incident has, as usual, brought out the best and worst of social media. I’ve considered packing it all in (social media; not life – I know I’m a drama queen but even I have limits) several times over the past few days but I’d miss the fun times.
I’m bugged by the “Ooooh look how clever I am bringing the fresh perspective and judging everyone else for their futile gestures eg changing their profile pic” as much as I’m bugged by the racist, islamophobic, ignorant bile I’ve read on social media. 

 Yes it’s 530 in the morning and I’ve been awake since 4. 

Yes I’m crabbit. 

Yes I’ve to be up at 6. 

Yes I care about everybody in the world who’s suffering. 

Just because I don’t comment on social media doesn’t mean I don’t care. I have my reasons for sitting on my hands and not saying what I don’t say and if you don’t like it you can go and stand over there. Yes. There. ➡️. And when you get there you can tell me what the view’s like from the moral high ground. Then you can make me coffee and we’ll hug it out. 

Peace and, as ever, love. 

PS – and if anybody feels like changing their profile pic to eg a cat smoking a cigar, wearing a top hat and riding a unicycle to raise awareness of marginalised cats that’s fine by me. I care not. Knock yersel oot, as my late mother wouldn’t have said. 


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